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So, I have been away for sometime and it's been very busy. I graduated from my Master's program, did a bit of traveling in the spring and summer, got an internship which has just turned into a full-time job. Very happy about all of these things, but the downside is that my normal writing schedule has been severally compromised. I work in the theatre industry and so the hours can change during certain times, depending on what is going on with a show or where you are in a season. I'm adjusting to it now and will hopefully figure out how to balance everything :)

I found myself not being as interested in fic this summer. Sometimes an absence is what you need or it is what I needed. I'm rediscovering my love of Torchwood (don't have STARZ so this doesn't include season 4, and season 3 doesn't exist). In order to keep finding the love, I am reading and writing more.

Since I usually do well with a deadline, I have signed up for another reel_torchwood Challenge!! I will be tackling the wonderful children's movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" with a Jack/Ianto twist!

If everything goes well, after that, I will have the other fics I mentioned in previous posts underway.
Just So
Sabine Satellite
The Many Charms of You

Alrighty! Off to write :)



Hello! I'm back!

After some much needed time away to deal with real life and a temperamental muse, I'm typing away, redoing my sequel to When Love Walked In tentatively titled The Many Charms About You.

Thank you for all the kind encouragement and reviews on the story. It was my first in TW fandom and following it up has been my goal since finishing it, but I'm very picky. If it doesn't feel right, it gets scrapped. And nothing felt right. My initial thought about working in this verse was to do small vignettes and that is still the way I'm writing them right now.

So, hopefully things will continue to gel and I will be able to post this next installment soon!

Thanks again!



So real life has kept me away from writing lately. I have several fics in various stages of being post-ready. I've been working and re-working my sequel to When Love Walked In, but it's just not what I want! Grrrr.

My mother is coming for a visit this week so hopefully a few days of relaxation and playing tour guide will reinvigorate me. That and the sunshine! I wrote WLWI during the spring, maybe I just needed the snow to disappear...

Anyway, hopefully be back soon with the following (descriptions to follow later on):

Sequel to When Love Walked In

Sabine Satellite

Just So

Reel Torchwood fic?

6 Nations

Annnnd! 6 Nations Rugby has started! Rugby the day before the Super Bowl! Amazing. Still learning the ins and outs of Rugby, but loving this! It fills my World Cup void. :)

And I love hearing other nations' anthems. I knew France but not Scotland. Nice!
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